25 Aug 2017

Pool Party for Year 7&8 Students

SURGE (the Island School Student Union) have organised a pool party on Friday 1st September from 1:00 until 2:20 pm. Two teachers, Mrs Hodson and Mr Robertson will be supervising and there will be a free bus to Pier 3 and Admiralty afterwards.

The event will include a $20 entrance fee which will cover a slice of pizza. It will be an event with fun activities, and a great way for the younger students to start the year.

We hope to see as many younger students as possible as we believe this is a great opportunity to have fun after school with senior students as well as fellow Year 7s and Year 8s. Tickets will be on sale every morning next week from prefects at your child’s form room.

Thank you,

Erika and Caylan

Head of SURGE