21 Jun 2019

Political Protest, 21 June 2019, Update

We have been assessing the impact of the ongoing protest in Admiralty and the effect that this might have on your child’s route home.


All after school activities will continue today however there will be no Admiralty or Pier 3 drop off with the activities bus.

Message to Students who use Public Transport·

The protest in Admiralty has meant that some roads have had to be closed. This may mean that the MTR stations are busier than normal.

If your child uses the MTR to travel home, it is likely to be much busier than normal – and it may take longer to get home. Students will need to be patient on the way home.

Message to Students who use the School Bus

Buses may be delayed today. However please note that all buses may be delayed.

Special Arrangements Bus 4a, 4b, 4c and 5

Bus  4a, 4b, 4c will take a different route to normal. This will mean that the normal time of drop off is likely to be different. Students taking the number 5 bus that drop off at the following points will move to bus number 1:

  • Macdonnell Rd 3
  • Macdonnell Rd 96
  • 9A Kennedy Rd
  • Kennedy Rd (Gas Station)
  • Kennedy Rd (Hopewell Centre)
  • Bamboo Grove
  • Tung Shan Terrace Opp