10 Jan 2017

Penguins and Dragons an afternoon of children’s theatre by the BTEC students

Playing to an audience of 90 children from Glenealy school, the BTEC drama students used the narratives from modern classic stories to perform two pieces of children’s theatre on the 9 December 2017.

The first performance, ‘Penguin in Peril’ is the story of an epic chase as 3 cats try to capture a poor penguin. The second ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ was the well-known tale of daring-do and dragon exploits adapted from the book.  Head of Drama Sophie Welsh said: “Both shows captured the audience’s imagination and had them on the edges of their seats. There were moments you could have heard a pin drop!”

After each show the actors discussed the performances with the audience getting valuable feedback for their final exam.  To wrap the whole afternoon up the BTEC students played drama games with the audience before they headed home.

Sophie Welsh said: “A special thanks goes to Ken An for leading the tech crew, and the drama teachers for working with the BTEC students and to the Glenealy staff for bringing the whole of Year 4 to be our audience.”