2 Jun 2022

Packing Up & Leaving Sha Tin

The moving process will be management by Columbia. The same company that moved Island School from Borrett Road to Sha Tin. All the teaching and learning resources will stay in situ until after the last day of term with the majority of the packing happening happening in July.

Student should ensure that lockers are emptied by the end of term. The locker units will be disposed of immediately after term finishes with all contents inside.

Activity Date
Y10 & 12 TFL Mon 13th – 17th June
Y8 Solo E Prep Friday 10th June P1-6
Y7 & 8 Awards Weds 15th June @ 9.45
Y12 Awards Weds 15thJune @ 11.25
Y9/10/ Awards Thurs 16thJune @ 11.45
Y8 Solo E Fri 17thJune P3 – 6
Trip to Ocean Park & Disney Mon 20th June – All day. 
Last Day of Term  Tue 21st June Finish at 12:45
Teachers packing  22-24 June
Support Staff and Movers packing and moving 27 June – 29  July

From the archive…

When Island School moved from the Old British Military Hospital into Borrett Road in 1972 the teachers and students did all the moving themselves. Some alumni still have the scars to prove it!