24 Oct 2017

New Student Union, DARE, Hosts Welcome Carnival

The new student union DARE hosted their welcoming carnival at lunchtime on the 19th of October 2017. Students and teachers gathered in the block 5 playground to enjoy the: open mic show, bake sale, Instagram photo frame, face-painting and all the various activities that they had on offer. Block 5 playground had a buzzing atmosphere with music blasting, and the smell of pizza wafting through the air. Many students turned up, curious to see what the new student union has to offer.

Student union ‘DARE’ stands for Determined (to) Assist (and) Reach Everyone, they aim to provide students with new and enjoyable events and to listen to everyone’s opinions and ideas.

Aayush Batwara, one of the heads of the student union DARE said, “I was really shocked at the number of people that turned up! I was honestly overwhelmed by the response of the audience. Thank you to all the people who performed, you really brought life to the whole carnival.”

In the coming weeks, DARE will be continuing to organize such events for students and staff, whether that is the Halloween themed timeout on October 31st, or other fun activities, information about which can be found on the DARE newsletter (coming out soon).

By the Media Team