13 Jan 2017

New Sensory Garden at Jockey Club Sarah Roe School Created by IS Students

Students from Elements course ‘Urban Survival’ have created a sensory garden at Jockey Club Sarah Roe School this winter. With help from horticulturalist Paul Melsom the students designed and implemented the first stage of an educational sensory garden. The garden includes strong smelling herds, plants of different textures and contrasting coloured flowers. 

Urban Survival student Joshua Dharmawan said: “The course focuses on economic, social and environmental sustainability in cities which we learn about through practical projects. I really enjoyed developing the sensory garden, I learnt a lot about the benefits of green spaces and how gardens can bring people together. I hope the Sarah Roe students will enjoy it.”

Paul Melsom said, “Social and environmental sustainability are very important, it helps involve the community and helps us be more socially aware and responsible for the environment.”