23 Apr 2021

Natureworks Webinar

A team of students are taking part in the Nature Works programme that aims to create the “change-makers” of tomorrow from the 19-23 April 2021. The Nature Works programme challenges students to create real-world environmental initiatives following leadership and entrepreneurial training. 

Each day of the week, students attended webinars with experts. From learning about energy efficiency and indoor air quality to water quality, biodiversity and waste reduction, students gained insight from the specialists. The speakers also gave project and data management advice. Now the student team: Students Sam Hui (11W), Sean Lee (11N), Clement Kwan (10R), Ginny Park (10W), and Hannah Wu (10D) are considering possible topics that they could choose for their project. They will implement their project in November and December 2021 and then report on its impacts.

Sam Hui (11W), WANBO Leader said, “We are grateful to the Nature Works programme for providing us with such a wonderful opportunity. It has been a pleasure to listen to all of the experts. They were all inspiring and highly engaging speakers.”  

“Thank you to the support of Mr Burrough, Mr Redden and the Nature Works team for providing this fabulous opportunity.”

The  programme is presented by the English Schools Foundation and The Nature Conservancy. 

The WANBO team is looking to recruit new volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Ross Burrough (ross.burrough@online.island.edu.hk). Space on the teams are limited, so early sign up is advised. 

For more regular updates and announcements on the project, as well as opportunities for students to get involved in our initiatives, please go to WANBO’s Instagram page @iswanbo.