14 May 2018

Mundo Geographico travel guide

Students from Elements Geography class Mundo Geographico investigated cultural geographies this semester, by examining patterns and trends in culture and using ArcGIS digital mapping tools.

Students visited the commercial areas of Mong Kok to map attractions for teenagers. They then produced a digital travel guide with an interactive map layer in ‘Story Map’. Head of Geography Howard Davis said, “As a department we are trying to integrate GIS (geographic information systems) mapping technology into fieldwork and we are encouraging more digital mapping outcomes such as web app maps and publishable content like Story Maps. During the Mong Kok project the students enjoyed using new technology and directing their own learning.”

Forthcoming units of work will see students investigating global issues as wide ranging as health, crime, and poverty.

Mr Davis, “The course aims to give students a grounding in geographical concepts and skills with students being able to select topics and drive geographical inquiry through their own areas of interest at the local and global scale.”