1 Sep 2020

Monthly Wellbeing, September 2020

September’s Feature – HEALTHY LIVING WEEK

Try one of the 7 challenges suggested by the British Nutrition Foundation during this Healthy Living Week.


Monthly Health feature: Be Mind Kind Challenge. Watch the video here and find out more about the challenge.

Mindful Art: The Thrive team got you some fun art and craft ideas with top tips for the whole family! Why not make a gift for a friend or join trending art works and complete the Inktober challenge?


Monthly Health feature: Think Positive Challenge. Click to enjoy this motivational speech by delivered by Denzel Washington.

Positivity House Feature: What makes you happy? Simply find an image in your house colour and share in this happy folder before Sept 30th.


Monthly Health feature: Get Active Together Challenge. Hold a Zoom fitness with friends and stay active!

Diet: Check out more healthy food challenges from the Healthy Living Week. Remember ‘you are what you eat!’


Monthly Health feature: Eat together Challenge. Find out more from the video here about how you can enjoy food with others.

Communication skills: One of life’s most important life skills. Read on for top tips and suggestions to help you develop your communication skills.


Last but not the least, please join us welcoming all the new Thrive Ambassadors! More opportunities to come in Term 2.


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