30 Sep 2020

Wellbeing Monthly, October 2020

The Thrive Team are delighted to bring you the October issue of Wellbeing Monthly.

Monthly Feature:

Study Sounds by Supersonics DJ

Study Sounds is a playlist of original music created for the Island School Community by students of the Element course, SupersonicsDJ. Not only music can help boost concentration and focus while you are studying, these new tracks are designed to get you into the flow and increase productivity while you are working.

Listen to the tracks below.


How to be SMART and stay safe online? Click here to reveal. It’s Mid-Autumn Festival on Thursday, 1 October, so why not take a break from the screen and celebrate the festival with families and friends.


Start your day with positivity and express what you are grateful for this month. Watch this TED Talk for ways to feel happier and don’t forget to add a gratitude note to the Gratitude Board at the campus.


Pilates can improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension. Check out these exercise videos provided by the NHS. Also, don’t miss Mr Lord’s advice on how to safely prepare fruits and make a fruit salad or fruit platter.


Inspired by their passion for food, former Islanders and IS ESF Chef winners started their own cooking channels. Watch and celebrate their passion here. So what is passion? Check out the video and TED Talk in this section to learn about your abilities and what passion may really mean.

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