1 Jun 2021

Monthly Wellbeing, June 2021

Thank you for all the amazing contributions made by the Thrive Ambassadors in Term 2 and 3! Applications will reopen next year and we hope to have a representative from each house and year group. Stay tuned for further updates.

Monthly Feature


  • Try out some Yogas for teen where you can relax after a busy day
  • Take a brain break by doing a mindful colouring. You can print out free copies from the website here


  • Participate in the Happiness Explorations Project by doing the survey here
  • Find out how laughing or smiling can help improve our health


  • What are the issues with inadequate food labels? Watch this video to learn about issues with inadequate food labels and complete this initial survey after watching it.  The Explorations group students also encourage you to take this final survey after you go to the grocery store next time!


  • The Ambassadors have put together a series of video for you to learn how to deal with study or exam stress


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