5 Jan 2021

Monthly Wellbeing, January 2021

Happy New Year and welcome back to the 2nd term! As we step into the new year, the Thrive team has prepared a vast array of activities and ideas for you to get a fresh start of 2021.

Features of the Month:


A fresh start to reach out! As much as convenient as the social media is, the relationship we build on these platforms will never quite replace the relationships that grow from real conversations. Reach out to friends, family, colleagues and find out what they are doing and share with each other.

The Thrive Ambassadors also bought you creative ideas about ways to be mindful – try making a sleep mask during your time out.

Dedicated to Year 13 – Take a look at the great resources the team has out together to get you started in preparing for university life.


A fresh start to clear the air! Think about decluttering your life and bedroom to get organised and ready for a new start.

We all love to laugh so why not try some laughter yoga.

Self Care

A fresh start to get up and go! Understand the importance of self-care with ideas and examples to help create positive feelings and boost your self-esteem.


A fresh start to affirm some goals and reflect on who you want to be. Watch these videos about self reflection and life values and review yours.

Read this month’s edition in full here.