11 Aug 2020

Monthly Wellbeing, August 2020

Welcome back! The Thrive team hopes you are as excited as we are as we start the new academic year this week!

Starting from this month, the Thrive team will be sharing all the wellbeing tips you need every month so do watch this space.

To get started, Thrive team would love to have you joining the team and become a THRIVE AMBASSADOR – if you would like to help raising awareness of wellbeing and get involved in school leadership opportunities, then please email Ms Rachel Trinder.

Highlights of the month:

Mindful connections – Celebrate who you are and connect with your tutor group. Check out the short video and let’s remind yourselves what mindfulness is.

Positive experiences – Share your summer fun and positive experiences during this Summer with your tutor group. Don’t forget to follow IslandSchoolPositivity on Instagram!

Healthy start – Remember the 20-20-20 rule when working online and start the term with healthy habits. Which step will be you target this month?

Fresh start – We can’t control everything that happens but we can control how we experience it. Be proactive and set some realistic goals for the new school term.

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