23 Sep 2016

Model United Nations tryouts sees over 70 students debating the Yemen Syria conflict

The formally dressed members of the MUN

Over 70 students came together to debate the conflict in the Yemen and Syria at the Model United Nations (MUN) try-outs on the 21 Sep 2016.

Students represented different countries and gave opening speeches, before moving on to the amendments and resolution, imitating the United Nation’s world meetings.

In this conference, all delegates were aiming to solve the current conflict in Yemen and Syria.All the countries had different opinions and were rooting for different manifestos.

With 39 countries and 77 delegates, the discussion sparked a lot of heated discourse. Debates and motions ranged from increasing aid, to the alliance of ‘the Golden State Warriors’, to serious debates between Belarus and Germany, with each expressing their dislikes for the other, while other countries formed allies.

“The conference proved to be extremely successful,” Co-leader of MUN Bakhita Fung admitted. “Definitely the most competitive tryouts I’ve ever seen.”

Matthew Ling, delegate from Chile, described the conference as a great experience. “From note-passers scurrying around, to the proposals put in by various nations, the conference was quite engaging and nerve-wracking at the same time” said Matthew.

All students from Year 9 – 13 competed for three major conferences, Hong Kong MUN, Victoria Shanghai MUN and Concordia International School Shanghai MUN (international). Out of 77 students, less than 16 will be able to attend the Shanghai MUN conference later this year.

Written by Priscilla Lee 10F and Vedika Uttamchandani 10D