11 Mar 2022

Model United Nations Internal Conference Sharpens Delegates’ Skills

At the Island School Model United Nations Conference, on 4th of March, students debated for five hours – defending their nations’ interests. The 27 participants at this online conference were placed in two committees – the General Assembly and the Security Council. The General Assembly debated the issue of third party influence during a democratic vote and the Security Council debated the situation in the Sahel region. 

The General Assembly consisted of 8 members, most of whom were new to MUN. Zubia Ahmed, representing Saudi Arabia, commented, “​​I had tons of fun in this MUN internal conference, meeting new people and improving my debate, public speaking and collaboration skills. This conference was amazing and it encouraged me to participate in future external conferences.”

Kin Ching Ip and Johnson Kwok reflected on their experience chairing the General Assembly, “We were thoroughly impressed by the quality of debate and the enthusiasm everyone had. It isn’t everyday we see something this high-level! It was fun seeing how the discussions kept everyone on the edge of their seats, and engaged throughout the entire conference. We look forward to seeing them in future conferences!”

In the Security Council, a total number of 38 speeches were given, 63 points of information were asked, and 18 amendments were submitted to improve the resolution. “The internal conference was an enjoyable experience for me. I’ve been to some external conferences but it was great to be able to work with students from the same school to revisit some MUN skills and concepts,” said Hannah Wu, the delegate of Burkina Faso.

Nicole Cheng and Airi Tachino, who chaired the Security Council, recognized how, “The relentless line of questioning done with every suggestion made was splendid. Speeches were crafted with great thought, as delegates tackled the issue from various angles, leaving no stone unturned.”

At the end of the conference, awards were given to recognize the following students:

  • Best Delegate – Varun Suresh, Cyrus Ng
  • Outstanding Delegate –  Katrina Hon, Alexandra Lai
  • Most Improved – Chloe Leung, Vijay Narayanan

Honourable mentions were given to Tin Yuet Ava Au Yeung, Zubia Ahmed, Chapman Cheung, and Hannah Wu. 

The team would also like to extend its gratitude to Ms Mcphee and Ms Weston for organising this conference.