12 Sep 2018

Middle Years Programme MYP Focus on Technology

In their Design and Technology lessons Year 7 students are exploring the Statement of Inquiry: Our identity develops as a result of our interactions, experiences and relationships and can be represented in different forms.

Head of Design Technology Mr. Andy York said, “The students in Resistant Materials Product Design have an opportunity to express their creative identity through the design cycle. They have a lot more exposure to the subject through the MYP.”

“The students are very excited about using CAD/CAM software applications. They are in the ‘developing ideas’ phase of creating their own chop, container and pad. I am looking forward to some great outcomes.”

The introduction of the Middle Years Programme is an ESF wide initiative, with all schools rolling out the programme over the next few years. Island School has introduced the programme in to Year 7 this year and this builds on the Primary Years Programme which many students will be familiar with.