20 Mar 2020

Message from VP Senior Phase regarding exams

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Yesterday I sent an email to all Year 13 parents regarding the latest situation regarding students on site. We have unfortunately had to cancel all onsite revision sessions this weekend and postpone the language orals. We are now working with curriculum leaders to develop a revised plan for orals and revision sessions and I will update you all next week on these matters.

If you have read the ESF newsletter from Belinda Greer, you will have picked up on the comments regarding the IB examinations.  As things stand they are still going ahead so it is important that students remain focused on their preparations.

The IB have said that they will make key decisions by Friday, 27 March so that information will be shared as and when we receive it.

It is always an anxious time for students, parents and teachers as the final exams approach. All stakeholders are equally keen for every student to do the best they can in their exams.

With the disruption to some of our normal contact channels, we are using the Gateway and Evidencer to facilitate sharing of information between stakeholders. Our traffic light system enables teachers to indicate to pastoral staff students who may be struggling or falling behind with work. In turn this means House staff are able to reach out to parents and support students.

We are mindful that predicted grades are key indicators for students, and we are adding an ‘Online Learning Progress’ section on the ARR for Year 13 Students and Parents to see.  This will enable you to get a snapshot of the current progress relative to predicted grades for each student.

Do keep an eye out for these over the next week and contact the House staff or individual subject teachers if you have any particular concerns about progress.

With best wishes,

Matthew Rappel

Vice Principal
Senior Phase