24 Oct 2019

Message From Junior Phase Vice Principal, 24 Oct 2019

Dear Parents

We are making the most of this weather and encouraging students in the Junior Phase to get up and get out … into the playground at breaks and lunchtimes. This is part of a drive to prise students away from their beloved screens, this initiative has much more important far-reaching goals in terms of encouraging students to be physically active, socialise and include others.

In an assembly this week the Head Students talked with Juniors on just this topic. Daanyal Ebrahim made the point that, “By including others, you will feel more included …as part of the Island School Community; living its values and feeling good about that.”

All are encouraged to come down to the playground at lunchtimes. Tennis balls are available to borrow and older students are teaching younger students how to play Foursquare. This is just the start to a programme of facilitated outdoor lunchtime activities which senior students will be helping to organise straight after Quest Week.

So what can you do as a parent to support? Why not buy your child a tennis ball to bring to school and encourage them to get outside. How about a family hike this weekend?!

Table top games are also taking-off here on the Sha Tin Wai campus … from Uno to Jenga to Ping Tennis. Students are being encouraged to close laptops and open a pack of cards. Soon, all tutor groups will have a supply of such games. To help build these we are asking that students bring in, to share with others, any quick and easy-to-play games that may be at home and unwanted.

Some tutors have found that playing games offline – is brand new to some of our students. Whereas we may have grown up playing cards and board games as a family, they clearly haven’t. You can support us by doing the same at home: take time to teach your children some games, which they can then share with their friends. I guarantee too that the time spent socialising as a family, after your hike, will be time well spent!

Thank you for your support and have a wonderful weekend!

Jenny Hodson
Vice Principal: Junior Phase