29 May 2020

Message from Senior Phase VP, Matt Rappel

Dear Year 13 Parents and Students,

It was great to see the Year 13s at Sha Tin Wai on Wednesday.  So many of them came in to pick up their hoodies and share stories of their time since we were last together.  It was amazing to see how many of them have been filling their time.  I am not sure many have seen many of the mornings but there are a number of students who have really put the time to good use.

We will share some of the stories in the Bridge Newsletter so do keep an eye out for those.  We also have some great workshops next week that I would encourage those looking for things to do to attend.

We are still monitoring the situation regarding the Dinner Dance, Awards and Graduation.  We are holding the Dinner Dance booking for Monday, 22 June and will see what happens in terms of the social distancing rules as time progresses. For Graduation, we hope to provide more information to you in the coming days, so please bear with us. We do plan to integrate the Senior Awards into our Graduation event in whichever form it takes. 


Dear Year 12 Parents and Students,

I was so impressed by how the Year 12s conducted themselves last week during the exams.  With those now out of the way, attention now turns to coursework, internal assessment and the IBDP and IBCP Core.  

Next week sees the Group 4 Science project, the Maths IA day as well as the Biology IA practical days and TOK Presentation practice. The IBCP students will also be working on their Reflective Project.  These are busy times for the Year 12s but these activities will really help to put them in a great place for the start of their Year 13.  Having concentrated time on these areas will really enable the students to make significant progress and help them to plan what they can do over the summer. The Tutor for Learning sessions in the week starting 15 June will allow parents into those plans and get a clear insight into their progress and next steps.

Have a good weekend everyone,

Matt Rappel