8 Sep 2017

Message from the principal – 8 Sep 2017

Dear parents

This week we held an information evening for parents of Year 7 and all new students. The event was very well attended and it was wonderful to hear the overwhelmingly positive stories of the initial experiences that their young people have encountered. In my experience, two of the haul marks of a great school are that they honour the contributions of those that leave and are very generous in their support of new people joining their family. Having now been here for both graduation and the welcoming of this year’s students I think this school has much to be proud of.

Our CPD (Continuous Professional Development) day was very valuable as teachers spent the day being in-serviced on the Middle Years Programme which involved: presentations from IB consultants, curriculum discussions, planning and assessment discussions and collaborative groups building work programs.

This week I had my first full day moving through classrooms and I was very impressed with what I saw. It was very clear that the teachers were well prepared and that the students were eager to learn. It was also very evident that the senior students are very mature in their approach to learning and collaborated very well.

Please remember to visit the decant section of the website this week. There is a special message from ESF CEO Belinda Greer which is definitely worth watching.




Warm regards