8 Jun 2018

Message From The Principal, 8 June 2018

Dear Parents and Care givers

This is an extraordinarily busy time of year and I have enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with many of you who have joined in the recent activities including the:

  • Nicola Myers and Kenneth McBride Scholarship Awards, where 60 local school students, selected by their principals, were presented with $2500 at a very moving ceremony.
  • Year 13 Dinner Dance at the Aberdeen Marina Club. This evening was a wonderful and fitting tribute to our graduates. The venue was perfect, the students looked amazing and the parent dinner also provided an excellent opportunity for reminiscing.
  • The IGCSE Art exhibition proved an excellent opportunity to showcase the artistic talent of our year 11 students. The work on display was a credit to the students, their teachers and our school.
  • Higher Education evening was very well attended and provided our middle school students with timely advice that they could incorporate into their final years of their schooling.
  • The careers fair, a partnership between the ISPTA and the HE department provided students with access to over 50 professionals that came to share details of their profession and career development. The students very much appreciated the event and the PTA support which included excellent catering.

Next week promises to be just as productive and hectic with the PTA EGM, The Music Viva, Year 8 Technology day and Year 9 performance week all featuring. Please check the calendar and do attend any event that you are able, you’re always very welcome.