7 Sep 2018

Message From The Principal, 7 Sep 2018

Dear parents

The IGCSE results from last year have been released and there is much to celebrate. Our students have performed at an excellent standard and have created a very solid platform for their final two years of study.

The headlines from the data include:-

  • 30% of grades at A*
  • 56% of grades at A* – A
  • 94% of grades between A* – C
  • All LSC students at C or above for English Language

It is wonderful to see the students being rewarded for their hard work, the results are especially gratifying given last year’s move to Sha Tin.

This week marked the first CPD day for the year. The day was professionally rewarding and consisted of:-

  • A positive psychology workshop where teachers practised techniques for sustaining youth mental health
  • An inclusion workshop where teachers explored the concept of personalized learning and examined approaches for ensuring all students are challenged at their individual level.
  • Professional sharing on techniques that support inquiry based approaches to learning.

Research shows that these types of experiences play a critical role in ensuring quality of teaching and I was very impressed with the outcomes of the day.

I would especially like to thank Mr Lord, and his dedicated group of food and hospitality students who served extraordinary meals to keep the teachers inspired.