7 Dec 2018

Message From The Principal, 7 Dec 2018

The Winter Gala will be held at Sha Tin Wai tonight from 5pm. This special evening is a dedicated whole school event, organized by students, to raise awareness of the school’s longstanding commitment to provide scholarships for local students.

In 1985, following the tragic loss of students Nicola Myers and Kenneth McBride, Island School began raising funds to assist students, limited by financial difficulties, with their secondary school education. Every year since then, our school has presented bursaries to as many as 80 young people every year.

The bursary recipients are in the later stages of their education. They are nominated by their principals, having demonstrated a high standard of achievement despite enduring significant personal hardship. This stage identifies far more worthy recipients than bursaries available so the second stage involves a panel being formed to make the final determination.

I have been involved in education for many years however I must say I have never witnessed an activity more extraordinary than this one. The Island School students who drive this project learn skills and form attitudes that will sustain them for the rest of their lives. The bursary recipients have their lives changed also as they are universally astounded that their plight has been noticed and they take great heart by the financial and moral encouragement they receive.

I know that everyone in attendance is sure to have a wonderful evening tonight. I trust that this information may encourage you to dig a little deeper in the financial support you provide.

Kind Regards

Stephen Loggie