30 Nov 2018

Message From The Principal, 30 Nov 2018

Dear parents and caregivers

One of our priorities for this year is to create more opportunities for the whole school to come together. This week’s athletics carnival marked the second time this term where this has been achieved.

The day was highly successful with the Island School spirit on full display. The programme of events led by Mr Darren Sui and passionately supported by the whole PE department introduced a number of additional events to maximise student participation.

The Houses did what they do best, they were resplendent in their see of colour and feverish in their encouragement of their housemates of varying proficiency.

Operating two campuses with relatively low numbers offers many distinct advantages however occasions such as this provide a powerful reminder of the strength of our collective.

Thank you to all parents who attended the day or provided the essential support to enable such active participation.

kind regards

Stephen Loggie