30 Aug 2019

Message From The Principal, 30 Aug 2019

Dear parents and care givers

The IGCSE results from last year have been released and there is much to celebrate. Our students have performed at an excellent standard and have created a very solid platform for their final two years of study.

The headlines from the data include:-

        Subjects graded using A* Scale (A* – F)

  • 26% of grades at A*
  • 52.5% of grades at A* – A
  • 96.1% of grades between A* – C

        Subjects graded using New Scale ( 9 – 1)

  • 32.2% of grades at 9
  • 57.7% of grades either 9 or 8
  • 93.3% of grades 92.2% between 9 and 5

For the first time at Island School year 10’s sat the IGCSE exam for English. Given the age gap we were not sure how the students would perform however they did amazingly well as these shown by the following: –

              A* Scale

  • 27% A*
  • 56% A* – A
  • 96% A* – C

Congratulations to all students and their teachers on such excellent results. The new year 12’s are obviously very well prepared to commence their senior studies and the new year 11’s will move into their final year, with great insight into what lies ahead.