3 May 2019

Message From The Principal, 3 May 2019

Dear Parents

At the most recent rounds of parent meetings I received a number of questions regarding how parents can support their children during heavy assessment periods.

Given our Year 11 and 13’s are entering their external exams and that others are starting mock exams I thought it timely to share a few ideas.

The ability to perform under pressure is a valuable personal attribute for people of all ages and exams provide a rich learning opportunity. The secret to success is in thorough planning and maintaining the right frame of mind.

Much of the pressure that students experience is generated by either leaving too little time to prepare for a looming deadline or not using sufficient time effectively.

This pressure often generates significant stress for students and it can ripple out into their families, creating anxiety, tension and sometimes conflict.

The best advice I can offer families who are dealing with this scenario is to work together with their young person to develop a plan.

Below are some ideas for considering when preparing this plan:

  • Check the exam and assignment schedules
  • Make decisions about how much time is required to successfully meet these expectations and develop a weekly schedule to manage time
  • Make sure the schedule includes exercise, family time and leisure activities
  • Work together to maintain excellent attendance. Staying home from school to complete an assignment just puts a student behind in other areas which then needs to be made up
  • Reduce work and social commitments as required over this period
  • Ensuring the schedule includes sufficient time for sleep as research shows that sleep plays a pivotal role in learning and performance.
  • Maintain a good diet during the hectic periods of assessment

These associated topics are regularly covered by tutors and it should be remembered that any parents who wish for more advice are encouraged to contact their senior Head of House.

Our exam class students have been very impressive in their final stages of preparation and I know I speak on behalf of the community when I wish them every success.