27 Apr 2018

Message From The Principal, 27 April 2018

Dear Parents

Today was Book Week assembly at Island School. From the moment the first characters filed out of the MTR and school buses the atmosphere was very special.

Whilst both the costumes and participation rate were amazing, I sensed the excitement of the day came more from the sharing of a novel experience between a very close knit community.

I had a very similar sense when I compered the Da Vinci versus Wilberforce Year 7 book quiz this week. The students although very committed to bringing their House glory had a wonderful time and we shared many laughs in the process.

These types of events play a critical role in our school. They demonstrate to our students that despite our commitment to learning, we are never too busy to care and have fun with each other.

Thank you to parents for assisting their young people in acquiring costumes. It made today another special day at Island School.

Kind Regards

Stephen Loggie