20 Sep 2019

Message From The Principal, 20 Sep 2019

Dear parents

This week’s swimming gala was hugely successful, both in and out of the pool. In the pool it was inspiring to see so many students compete and participate in the range of events and activities. The competition was of a very high standard with lots of personal best times achieved on the day.

Out of the pool the house spirit and the special camaraderie generated by the whole school coming together, provided an excellent backdrop for the action in the pool. As usual the parents who attended added wonderfully to the sense of occasion and contributed to the festival atmosphere.

On occasion I’m asked why we dedicate precious lesson time to whole school activities and my explanation is always the same. I believe that excellent schools have strong cultures, built on quality relationships between students of all ages and their teachers.

Within our culture students learn not only with each other but from each other. This means that some of the things we love most about Island School such as every student doing their best, being prepared to make mistakes and supporting each other are heavily influence by the standards the students set for each other.

A big thank you and congratulations to Teacher of Physical Education, Head of Activities & Inter-House Sport, Darren Siu and all of the sports and PE staff for such a tremendous day.