18 Oct 2019

Message From The Principal, 18 Oct 2019

Dear Parents

The Island School Parents and Teachers Association (ISPTA) is an independent body focused on bringing parents and teachers together to build the sense of community amongst stakeholders and collaborate to improve the opportunities offered to students.

This work is very important and requires the ISPTA committee to work closely with school personnel to deliver their activities and ensure they comply with the raft of EDB and ESF policies.

This week the PTA held their AGM and I would like to congratulate Tania Shao (Chairperson), Tarja Joro (Vice Chair) and Manju Anand (Secretary) and Alex Chin (Treasurer) for being elected into committee office bearer positions.

The remaining committee consists of:-  Alefiyah Ebrahim, Jennifer Seeto, Kathrin Leung, Lamey Chang,  Mechelle Yu, Rosanna Nongdhar, Soundari Mukherjea, Mary Lacey-Vittachi   (Teacher), Stephanie Weathington (Teacher), Stephen Coates (Teacher).

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of our outgoing chair Alefiyah Ebrahim. Her leadership of the ISPTA during the move to Sha Tin was invaluable to the success we have experienced.

I wish Tania, the office bearers and all committee members well as they rise to the challenge that lies ahead. I am very much looking forward to working with them to ensure Island School continues to deliver a world class education to our students.