18 Jan 2019

Message From The Principal, 18 Jan 2019

Dear Parents

Last week I attended the Bai Shen ceremony at Borrett Road. The ceremony was organized by Build King, the redevelopment contractors. The gathering included senior ESF officials, consultants, senior management from Build King as well as the large team who have commenced work on the site.

It was a moving event which I attribute to the blessing itself as well as seeing the buildings being disassembled from within. The current focus of the work is the removal of all internal fittings (i.e. windows, doors), setting up all the safety barriers and predrilling work.

Shortly following Chinese New Year the heavy machinery will roll in and commence the heavy demolition. It is anticipated that this phase will last about six months and see around 50 workers on the site each day.

As a condition of the contract, a time lapse camera is being installed which will enable us to capture the demolition and share progress reports through pictures at key stages.

Despite my excitement with the progress of our world class new campus, our communication strategy will focus on monthly progress reports on the school website and verbal briefings of milestones and final designs at parent meetings.

During this period it will be important to ensure that the appropriate flow of information on progress doesn’t in anyway detract us from our focus on ensuring excellence in learning every day.