17 May 2019

Message From The Principal, 17 May 2019

Dear parents and caregivers

This week 40 Island School students went to Phuket to participate in team sports against other international schools. The event is one of many across the calendar which has seen both great success and great engagement.

Our sports programmes play a key role in Island School life and we have a proud tradition of nurturing the talents of some of Hong Kong’s premier athletes.

Our success in sport is driven by the large contingent of students participating in a comprehensive range of competitive interschool sports and non-competitive, school based sports conducted on a weekly basis.

Representing the “Typhoons” is seen as an honour at Island School and our athletes become part of a tradition which imposes a high expectation of personal conduct where fair play and good sportsmanship are valued above all else.

Our coaches’ focus on building a culture that revolves around how we play rather than the result, and the students themselves hold team mates to account in committing to this ethos.

I have been thrilled by our students’ commitment to training and competition which endures even when the weather is not conducive.

Congratulations to Mr Marc Sexton our Director of Sport and all of the coaches and athletes for a very successful year of sports.