16 Aug 2019

Message From The Principal, 16 August 2019

Dear Parents

Welcome back to what promises to be a very exciting year at Island School. Induction Week has been a hive of activity as we’ve delivered programs that have emphasised building the relationships that will enable all students to thrive and set us up for another successful chapter in the life of our great school.

Our entire faculty and student body have been energised by the new students who have joined our school. Motivation was taken from the excellent results of last year’s graduating class. This included:

  • 3 students achieving the perfect score of 45 points
  • 32% of students achieving 40 points of more
  • 99.1% Pass Rate
  • 89% over 30 Points
  • 65% of BTEC grades being at the highest possible level of distinction*

Only Island School community members will truly appreciate the quality of this performance. It is a wonderful testament to the talent and dedication of our students and staff that we have performed so well during our decant.

These results are very close to last year’s which were our best ever results and as such place Island School in the highest echelon of International Schools.

We will not rest on our laurels as our school has made extensive plans to further improve the quality of schooling provided. This year we will launch our new strategic plan and in doing so will introduce the following exciting initiatives:

  • the MYP program into Year 8
  • the IBCP into senior phase
  • the second phase of the Positive School’s Program to target psychological health
  • the Island School Alliance to engage with business.
  • A programme to align teaching and learning across Years 7 – 13.

Our results, strategic initiatives and the programmes that your child will engage with will be explained at our scheduled start of year parent meetings which will be held for every year level. The dates for these are on our website > Calendar. More detailed information will be circulated closer to the event.

My colleagues and I look forward to working with you this year to ensure every Island School student achieves their potential.