15 Sep 2017

Message From the Principal, 15 Sep 2017

Welcome to the new Island School newsletter. We’re working hard to ensure parents are kept informed with everything they need to support their child’s success and this revamped newsletter is the latest initiative to improve school – home communication.

Our next project in this area is to audit all of our current communications to get ready for the move to Shat Tin and ensure that they inform parents on how the school will run in January.

The necessity for these projects was brought to my attention by Alefiyah Ebrahim and the members of the ISPTA. I meet regularly with them to hear their ideas on how to improve Island School and gain feedback on school performance. They do a wonderful job for our school community and it is timely to remember that their AGM is scheduled for 6.30pm on Tuesday 19 September. Please consider coming along and being part of a team working to make things better for the students at Island School.

The highlight of this week for me was the curry and quiz night. Organised by Ms Kate Sommerville and team this event was a wonderful opportunity for parents, staff and students to come together, enjoy each others company and have a lot of fun.

So as not to be seen to support one House over another, I am not a member of any one house but rather a member of all. At the quiz night I joined Einstein House and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time and it was great to be with some Year 13 students who clearly appreciated the opportunity to blow off some steam. A special thank you should go to Mr Lord, Ms Chisulo and the students who made and helped serve the excellent cuisine that was available for guests.

The Island Spirit was clearly in evidence and I would encourage all community members not to miss our next major event “Stars in their Eyes” on the 26th of September.

Warm regards