13 Sep 2019

Message From The Principal, 13 Sep 2019

Service learning is an integral component of an Island School education. Students who engage in serving the community develop communication skills and cultural understanding which serves throughout their schooling and careers.

Our school’s commitment to service learning has meant that we have done an extraordinary amount of good for many very worthy causes.

In recent years we have launched the Island School Alliance as a vehicle for creating partnerships with business and NGO’s to extend the work of our students.

As with most initiatives at our school this is a student lead activity that has the following key objectives:

  • Developing an Academy that will identify highly capable ESF and local students and connect them to cutting edge learning experiences that accelerate their learning.
  • Promoting the learning of English language across Hong Kong
  • Creating networks between ESF schools and local schools to share and enhance teaching practice.
  • Generating scholarships for local school students and mentoring schemes that create pathways to universities.
  • Linking ESF and local school students to influential corporate and NGO leaders to build influence and a greater understanding of the challenges that we will face in the future.

In the coming weeks you will receive messaging through social media and email about how you can get involved in the Alliance. I ask that you look out for these communications and consider how you support our students in this important area of their Island School experience.