13 Oct 2017

Message from the Principal, 13 Oct 2017

Dear Parents

On the first day back at school after the mid-term break I had a wonderful reminder of the Island School spirit. As I was walking into school with my mind racing with my schedule for the day I was greeted by 2 seniors who were waiting for students and staff alike to arrive. This simple act of kindness immediately changed my emotional state and reminded me how fortunate I am to be part of the Island School community.

Being a principal has some things in common with being a parent. I suspect we could agree that our single greatest desire is that every student feels a strong sense of belonging to our school based on feeling valued and cared for. Simple acts of kindness are a regular feature of the Island School day, they are traditions passed on from older students to younger ones and they lie at the heart of the school spirit.

All school community members share responsibility for nurturing the school spirit. Some important ways parents can support their child in this endeavour include:-

  • Maintaining high expectations for involvement in community activities
  • Noticing and acknowledging kind acts
  • Modelling compassion and sharing personal examples of kindness
  • Setting high expectations for the good treatment of others.
  • Being involved in school life

Continuous Professional Development Day 20 October

Next Friday all ESF teachers will be involved in CPD focused on the topic of “Well-being”. In these times it is critical that all teachers maintain a clear understanding of research and best practice in this area and an excellent and engaging program has been designed.