1 Mar 2019

Message From The Principal, 1 Mar 2019

Dear Parents

Research has shown that the effectiveness of senior leadership teams has a significant impact on school performance. The main way they do this is through creating the conditions that:-

  • Result in students feeling safe, happy and motivated
  • Ensure teaching is of high quality and personalised to individual student needs
  • Build strong partnerships with parents

ESF understands the importance of finding the highest performing school leaders and they conduct international searches to identify the best candidates.

Following an exhaustive recruitment process I am pleased to announce that two vice principal posts (starting from August) have been offered to Mr Nicholas Lee and M/s Gayle Marshall. A short biography on both candidates is included below.

Both candidates were invited to spend two days in Hong Kong recently. The first day was spent at Island School meeting with students and teachers, observing classes and working on a project with other SLT members.

On the second day they participated in an interview with Education Director Adam Hughes, School Council Representative Lakshmi Jakota and myself.  As a part of the interview both Mr Lee and M/s Marshall presented their most significant work achievements and detailed how they would apply their skills to the benefit of Island School.

Island School has a strong tradition of leadership across all areas of our organization. I look forward to welcoming Mr Lee and M/s Marshall in the new school year and introducing them to you.


Nicholas Lee – Has filled a range of leadership positions including assistant principal at Swanlea School, in the UK. He holds a strong belief that a rounded education should be at the core of any school. He is experienced in curriculum design, management of public exams, internal assessment data and reporting. His other interest is in conservation, sustainable development and geography in the wider context. Nicholas is a keen sportsman coaching both golf and tennis.

Gayle Marshall – Was a teacher and head teacher in the UK before she became head of secondary of the Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls International, UAE in 2016. Gayle is passionate about education and has always sought the best outcomes for every student. She has served as an OFSTED inspector and is highly experienced in leading initiatives to improve teaching. Other interests include traveling, cycling, movies and reading.