1 Feb 2019

Message From The Principal, 1 Feb 2019

Dear Parents and Caregivers

For over 50 years the head students at Island School have played an integral role in shaping our school and ensuring that the student experience is of the highest quality.

The annual selection process is exhaustive and includes: applications, feedback from teachers, evaluation from Senior Heads of House and finally an interview. For the first year in our history gender was not a factor in the decision making process.

As the chair of this process I wish I could share with you the applications and interviews. The standard was exceptional and the students put forward their candidacy with passion and humility. They also skillfully shared their significant leadership track records for leading projects which have made their school and Hong Kong better for us all.

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that the head students for 2019 are:-

Heads, Daanyal Ebrahim (Da Vinci) and Natasha Mather (Einstein)

Deputy Heads, Kaven Wijeyekoon (Fleming) and Garbo Ting (Fleming)

I would also like to acknowledge the tremendous contribution of the outgoing head students, Bakita Fung, Mathew Wright, Esha Gidwani and Zaheu Jakota. They have been a constant source of inspiration to the student body.

I would also like to acknowledge all the excellent students who were part of the process, putting themselves forward for this leadership role. All of the shortlisted candidates are wonderful leaders in their own right and will be integral to our success in the year that lies ahead.

I wish you all a happy and prosperous year of the pig and I am sure I speak for all my colleagues when I say we look forward to all that it holds.

Gung hei fat choy!