23 Jun 2022

Message from the Head Students, 21 June 2022

Dear Island School,

Congratulations to you all on a remarkable year. Despite the challenges this year has presented, the incredible resilience and determination that you all have shown have truly been inspiring. Over the last couple of years, a couple of difficult challenges were thrown at us. However, as Islanders, we persevered.

Today is certainly a momentous occasion. It has certainly felt like forever since we’ve had the opportunity to come together as a school community. Being here as a school once again definitely reminds us of the Block 5 playground back at Borrett Road. As the heart of Island School, Block 5 was the buzzing hub of fun. Whether it be a carnival or a fundraising event, it brought the whole school together as one. Fortunately, in a few months, we’ll be able to relight the spirit of Island School in the brand-new courtyard at Borrett Road.

Although we’ll be at a new location next year, one that many of you are unfamiliar with, the spirit and soul of the Island School community is what makes Island School, Island School, and is definitely one that is irreplaceable. After many years of being apart, today is the first step towards our new chapter of being together once again. The whole school photo we’ve taken today helped us recall what it is like to finally feel the energy of our whole community. Our vibrant spirit and liveliness are ones that will shine at our new campus. One of the most unique aspects of Island School is the community. We cheer each other on, whether it be supporting our House or uplifting other students and staff in the community. Through our strong bonds, we support each other to try new things and gain new experiences with our peers. Despite our community being separated, both on separate campuses and in an online environment, our sense of community continues to burgeon and thrive.

Before we leave, however, we must reflect on our time at Sha Tin – for most of us, our experiences in Sha Tin for the past four and a half years have been all we’ve known. We still remember riding the public bus I now ride daily to visit the Sha Tin Wai campus for the first time in Year 8. The campus was still under renovation, but it was already bustling with life – from doing cartwheels in the empty classrooms to completing scavenger hunts around, we brought forward the Island School spirit to a once unfamiliar environment in which we have now called home for the last 4.5 years.

And then began our life at Sha Tin. Running (or walking, rather) cross country around the Shing Mun River? Check. Having to change MTR lines thrice (or more) before the Tuen Ma line was established? Check. Gleefully skipping down to 7-11, the Dai Pai Dongs as well as the McDonald’s next to Tai Wai right after school? Check. Our experience at Sha Tin was filled with joy; much of this was because of the immense connection and unity we felt with the bustling community we are surrounded with.

Our experiences would not have been possible without the support of our many neighbours and community partners. Our friendly Sha Tin neighbours, Christ College and Ng Yuk Secondary School have graced us with their presence in our Chinese New Year assemblies every single year, and we’ve learnt so much from each other through Community English. These were friends that we forged deep bonds with – we could not be happier for these collaborations.

We look forward to a fruitful future at Borrett Road that will feature the same vibrant school spirit, the same unique culture, and the same identity for all of us – as Islanders.

In today’s assembly, we gave everyone two challenges. Firstly, don’t forget the Sha Tin years, don’t forget the Sha Tin trail blazers – the students and teachers who helped the community to move and establish a new order here. And don’t forget the new friendships that you made while in Sha Tin with those around you. Secondly, we challenge you to help make our moving into Borrett Road an even bigger and better party than our moving out party! It might not be possible straight away but start thinking about possible ideas, and share these with us!

Finally, we would like to wish everyone an exciting summer break. As always, thank you for making every day a great day at Island School – and see you next term on our new Borrett Road campus!



Angela, Charlie, Fiorelli, Sam