6 Dec 2019

Message From Principal, 6 Dec 2019

Dear parent / care givers

This week we distributed the documentation for the first ever Whole School Walk in aide of the school’s four main charities.

Island School is committed to supporting:-

1) The Spirit Fund – which provides additional resourcing and extension opportunities to Island School students

2) Bai Wan Charity – in support of the Baiwan community, China

3) Katja House, a home for street children in Nepal

4) The Nicola and Kenneth Bursaries which provides educational grants to underprivileged local school students

Our school communities long standing commitment to charity has established a rich dimension to Island School education.

Our students don’t just raise funds for worthy causes. They take on roles in organising actions and interacting with recipients in a manner that truly connects them to the local and global community.

For more details on the purposes of each charity including how to get actively involved, please visit the Island School website https://island.edu.hk/isgiving/.

I ask that all parents review the Walk material with their young person and discuss ideas for gaining the sponsorship necessary to ensure the success of this important initiative.