17 Jan 2020

Message From Principal, 17 Jan 2020

At the heart of our school culture lies our sense of values which compel all students and staff to do their best in and outside of the school.

There are many programs and events that we implement that sustain this culture by inspiring and mentoring students and recognising collective and individual achievements.

Award ceremonies play an important role in bringing our school together to celebrate the best of our students and this year we are bringing Mid-Year Awards for both middle and junior phases.

This initiative will create more opportunities for our students to be recognised for their tremendous work and serve as a reminder to us all that much more can be achieved in the second half of our school year.

The purpose of these events is to acknowledge personal achievement at many levels. Awards are presented for:

  • Principal’s medals for outstanding academic achievement
  • Islander awards for students who engage fully in school life
  • Spirit awards to students who embody the school values
  • Special awards in Sporting and cultural achievements
  • Commitment to community service

At the events students will be reminded that not everyone can be the best but that everyone can do their best.

Many of the awards are peer nominated and voted and this ensures that very student has some input into the acknowledgement process.

Parents of recipients will be personally invited to attend if their young person is receiving an award however all parents are welcome to join in these important celebrations.

I have been very heartened by the number of family members in attendance last year and hope that this trend continues in this new initiative.