13 Dec 2019

Message From Principal, 13 Dec 2019

Dear parents and caregivers

Term 1 is always a long stretch. The combination of exam class preparation, the weather conditions and activities associated with rebooting the school year are principally responsible.

This term has been made even more challenging because of the disruptions experienced across Hong Kong and as a result I can see that most of our students are in need of some down time to recharge their batteries.

My colleagues and I continue to closely manage the impact of the time we have lost and will do so into next term. I am pleased to report that there is a consensus view across our faculty that time since our return has been highly productive. We believe we are currently well positioned to minimize the negative impact associated with time lost.

One of the major reasons for this has been the way the students have risen to challenges by being proactive and assuming high levels of responsibility for their learning.

We should all feel proud of what we’re achieved this term amidst unprecedented adversity. Whilst families may usually be happy to let our exam class students independently schedule their holiday activities, I suggest that in the current climate this should not be the case.

I ask all parents to discuss the impact of this term with their young person and negotiate a balance of recharge and study activities that focuses on wellbeing.

Thank you for your support of Island School this term. Your commitment and encouragement is appreciated by myself and all colleagues of Island School.