11 Mar 2022

Meet the Student Council 2022-23

The Student Council is one of the student’s leadership experiences that shapes the Island School’s life richer and more vibrant. Each team has committed to different roles and responsibilities, taking on responsibility for whole school events, talking in assemblies and are planning new initiatives for what is set to be a very active year.

What is the Student Council?

The Island School Student Council is the voice of the students. It guarantees that all students have a platform for communicating their viewpoints and thoughts with respect to student life, and are responsible for representing the student body and improving the student experience at Island School. It also offers students the ability to take part in improving Island School as a whole.

The Council meets regularly during lunchtimes or after school. They agree on their own agenda for items to work on throughout the year, in hopes of providing positive solutions and giving thoughtful feedback on important issues within the school, as well as implementing new ideas to help improve life at Island School and achieve a positive and open-minded learning environment.

What committees does the Student Council have?

Chaired by the current Head Students: Angela Chen [12D], Charlie Lam [12E], Fiorelli Wong [12R] and Sam Hui [12W], the Student Council comprises Year 12 Heads and Year 10 Deputy Heads of Committees from the following 7 areas:

Creative Arts: Trevor Chan [12F], Samrin Monami [12D], Yee Ka Lau [10R], Joanna Jang [10W]

The Creative Arts Team celebrates the unique aspects of art, music and drama, organising engaging events including Stars In Their Eyes, Island School’s annual musical showcase. We strive to include every student in this vision, designing a close-knit community where creativity flourishes.

Culture: Aoi Sakamoto [12N], Charlotte Law [12D], Mei Goto [10N], Vaibhavi Palshetkar [10E]

At Island School, we celebrate and appreciate a multitude of cultures. The Culture Team aspires to authentically educate Islanders about the wonders that lie within our different, diverse cultures, uplifting students from every single one of the 33 nationalities comprising our student body.

Media: Angela Chen [12D], Nicole Yuen [12W], Tari Ng [10F], Aadya Dusad [10F]

The Island School student body is vibrant and dynamic. With our firm goal of amplifying Islanders’ voices, the Media Team builds platforms that accelerate student expression. Through Island Currents – Island School’s first and only student newspaper – in particular, we strive to spotlight the diverse range of passions our students exude. In turn, we strengthen community through connection, fostering unity.

Social Action: Anvesha Bajpai [12D], Charlie Lam [12E], Rachel Yoon [10W], Kaya Bautista [10D]

The Social Action Committee raises awareness and advocates for the various social issues permeating our community. The team perseveres to do our part in educating Islanders, whilst fundraising through 

hosting a wide range of events. We will continue to organise events in collaboration with the communities around Island School.

Sports: Mendel Szymanski [12E], Lawrence Chung [12N], Sara Suzuki [10W], Eatson Lin [10N]

The Sports Committee helps handle all things sports-related. We hope to give students a voice in the sporting activities that are being hosted, and liaise with the PE Department to create the best sporting environment for students. With current situations, we’re actively trying to find engaging ways to uphold the school spirit and enable you to stay fit and active at home.

Student Advisors: Fiorelli Wong [12R], Joseph Lau [12D], Andy Chan [10E], Sophie Wong [10R]

The Student Advisors amplifies student voice in their learning within and beyond the classroom. Students play a critical role in directing and “owning” their learning outcomes. From creating mentorship programs to relaying student feedback in amending learning policies, we ensure that curricular and co-curricular learning is authentic, dynamic and engaging.

WANBO: Ady Lam [12E], Chanan Ng [12F], Alexandra Lai [10W], Katrina Hon [10R]

WANBO promotes sustainability and generates change in a collective endeavour to protect the school environment and its local surroundings. We host environmental initiatives throughout the year, playing a major role in making Island School one of the most eco-friendly schools in Hong Kong. This includes providing student input on the development of the new Borrett Road campus.

How can you support the Student Council?

We hope that you will join us in supporting the Student Council as we continually strive to amplify student voice and agency. Stay tuned for updates on events, programs and new school implementations in the coming future.