13 Oct 2023

Meet the STARS- Anais Lambert

Meet Anaise Lambert, the winner of STARS 2023, here she tells us about her passion for singing, and how she achieved her ambition.

When did you learn to sing? What inspired you to sing?

I joined a theatre company when I was around 8 years old and participated in a lot of musicals and choirs so I was singing mainly in groups. It was when I got older that I realised I much prefer singing solo. My theatre teacher suggested that I get singing lessons with a professional singing teacher and from there I developed my passion for singing.

What musicians do you admire most and why?

The kind of music and songs that I like to listen to isn’t really suited for my voice but the songs that I like singing are mostly from strong female artists with a lot of emotions, like Andra Day.

Why did you choose this particular song ‘Andra Day’ Rise Up’ for STARs?

In Year 7, I auditioned for STARS with the same song and I felt it beat me, so now I want to demonstrate how much I’ve progressed and show that triumph, like this is my time to win.

How do you prepare for a performance? Any advice for performance anxiety?

I get really bad anxiety before performances, just like my dad as it’s in the genes. But when I’m on stage performing the adrenaline takes over and I feel like a different person. To prepare for a performance, my singing teacher will help me go through the songs and I will keep practising at home on the karaoke, to get familiar and comfortable with the songs. Since I have performance anxiety, this will help me prepare for my presence on stage.  

What will you do next? Will singing be a career option for you after Island School?

It would be nice to be a singer but I need to be more realistic. When I was little I told  my parents that I wanted to be a singer or an actress but they told me how it is to make it in the industry, so now I am considering Law. I don’t know if I can sing as a long term career, I think it will be more of a hobby since I still enjoy singing so much.

Tell me about being in STARS what was it like? 

STARS was an overall amazing experience. I’ve seen it improve a lot since I first joined in Year 7. I was really surprised this year by the new talent and along with that came a really nice community of singers and talents that made the overall experience so spectacular and unforgettable.

Tell me about your music teachers. How did they help you prepare?

This year, the new music teacher Claudia Lau really helped prepare me for STARS. We did a lot of rehearsals during and after school hours which really helped me feel secure in my performance. I also felt that Ms Lau helped me on a personal level with my anxiety as she would always check up on me to make sure I was okay. This is something Ms Lau offered to everyone participating in STARS which made the atmosphere overwhelmingly confident and positive.