12 Apr 2024

Meet the New Teachers 2024

We are thrilled to introduce the newest members of our teaching staff who will be joining us for the next school year. Please join us in extending a warm Island School welcome to: Mr Emmerson Reed, Ms Vivien Wong and Mr David Gallie.


Mr Emmerson Reed

Mr. Reed is an American-born educator from New York City who has been teaching internationally (Hong Kong, China and South Korea) for over a decade. During his time abroad Reed has had many extracurricular opportunities to train young people in public speaking as a debate coach, Model United Nations Co-Advisor and TEDx Talk event Faculty Advisor. Education and championing diversity are integral parts of Reed’s professional and personal path, which he has crafted with great care over the past few decades. 

Reed is committed to educational equity; he has the desire to support and foster educational achievement for all students as Head of Student Support Services. Additionally, Reed has advocated for neurodiversity anywhere he has worked while also empowering student agency and academic growth in the students he interacts with. Mr. Reed has travelled extensively, he has lived in 5 countries and visited 26 countries thus far. Lastly Mr. Reed, his wife Gia and their son Caleb are delighted about being a part of the Island School community. 


Ms Vivien Wong

Despite being born in Toronto, Hong Kong has been home for most of my life. I am an ESF alumni and decided to pursue a teaching career after I decided I was no longer interested in the legal field. I have previously worked at Island School as an EA and student teacher and I am excited to return and become part of the English team. I am thrilled to be part of such an esteemed faculty as I am keen to learn more about education organisation and leadership, student well-being programs, and developing engaging pedagogy. 

While I am not teaching, I enjoy walking my 30kg dog, baking cupcakes, HIIT classes, and hosting board game nights with my partner (we have yet to be defeated in a game of Catan).



Mr David Gallie 

I was born in Hong Kong, and am an Island School alumnus. I’ve worked in an audit firm, a private bank, and a startup FinTech company, and have set up and run a local craft brewery with my brother. Now, as a business and economics teacher, I enjoy bringing my varied life experiences into the classroom to help students connect theory to the real world. I have a lovely family, a passion for food (cooking and eating), and a 5+ year Duolingo streak.