17 Mar 2016

Masterchef Semi-finals

At the Masterchef semi-finals on 11th March junior challengers made meat-free dishes while the seniors had to whip up a dish showcasing herds from the school garden.

Head of Food and Textiles Technology Mr Lord said; “With only 45 minutes to complete their dishes and a tough panel of judges comprised of teachers and students, the competition was tough and the standards were high.”

From the Juniors, Jenny and Valerie won with their mushroom tagliatelle, second, with only a one-point difference, were Alessandro and Yash with their aubergine parmigiana and Jason and Jordyn with their macaroni cheese pie.

Among the seniors, Ayesha won with her tart filled with mint and lavender chocolate ganache. Second was Claudia with her Thai beef salad and Hitesh with his pesto pasta in a parmesan basket.


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