27 Nov 2020

Mangahigh Maths Quest

Island School students beat participants from 689 schools across Asia Pacific region and ranked 16th in the Mangahigh Halloween Maths Quest.

Organised by the online learning platform Mangahigh, more than 600 schools in the Asia Pacific region took part in this Mathematics online competition, held from 26th – 31st October. Students have to complete as many activities as possible within the week to win points for themselves and for their school. The collected effort of students from Y7 to Y10 placed Island School 16th out of 689 participating schools. Martin Ngai (7D), Tony Luo (8D), Arnav Gupta (9R) and Angel Qiu (10R) scored over 150 points, and won a certificate of achievement. Martin who scored 278 points was the champion of the school, Arnav (273 points) came second and Angel (255 points) came third.

Martin Ngai, who beat students in senior years shared with us how he found the competition inspiring and rewarding.

Martin Ngai

“The Mangahigh Halloween Maths Contest was my first ever Maths competition, also a once in a lifetime experience. Island School was a constituent part of why I decided to participate, without the encouragement from my wonderful teachers and friends, I would not have the courage to do it. Throughout the competition, I have learned one very important lesson, and it was to never give up. When I knew that Year 8, 9, 10 students were also competing in the game, I almost wanted to quit immediately. But I reminded myself why I wanted to participate in the first place, and that was to have fun and learn new things. And so I did, my interest leads me to explore other areas of Maths I have never learned before. I was having so much fun, and before I knew it, I raced through the others and won. I am really grateful for this opportunity.”

Arnav Gupta (9R) and Angel Qiu (10R)