15 Jun 2017

Manchester University Praises Student Scientists

A science journal written by Island School students has been praised by academics at Manchester University. The journal which includes articles from students from the junior, middle and senior years covers diverse topics including, the science of addiction and the development of the HeLa cells used for medical research.

In (Year 11) Miyu Terashima’s article she discusses Autophagy and its use in fighting diseases. Professor Keith Brennan (Life Sciences; Molecular and Clinical Cancer Division at Manchester University), had this to say about it: “This was a very engaging and enjoyable read. The author really gets to grips with this interesting subject matter and there is lots of evidence of thought and thorough research.”

The professor encourages Miyu to, “Maybe one day find some definitive proof to some of these unanswered questions?”

Dr. Shaden Jaradat, International Development, had this to say about (Year 10) Priscilla Lee’s Dark Matter article. “This article is well – written and introduces the complex and mysterious concepts of Dark Matter/Energy in a simplified way.  I enjoyed reading it! I think the author successfully chose the most layman – understandable examples to explain the beginnings of how Dark Matter came to dominate today’s astrophysical theories. The author also captured in the final section the most common scenarios currently debated amongst Physicists about the evolution of the universe.”

Head of Science Teacher Mr Horner, “This was an exceptional year for articles submitted in terms of both quality and quantity. Manchester University praised the students work and gave them useful comments about how they could improve. This project is a great partnership and it helps students prepare for university. All the students who wrote something for this publication should be very proud of themselves.”

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