3 May 2019

Makerspace Manager / Workshop Instructor III


Island School, Hong Kong is seeking a dynamic, hands on individual to proactively manage our exciting new Makerspace and Design Technology department.

The ideal candidate will be someone that has a Technical background (CAD/CAM/Coding etc), enjoys making/tinkering and can offer inspiration to our students through a distinct passion for Technology. You will be working alongside the Teaching Team to support and manage the Makerspace facilities, and offer assistance to students (and staff) on how to safely use software, hardware, tools and machines, and champion STEM throughout the school.

The successful applicant will manage the makerspace and support all users (teachers and students), in fostering a culture of safe use of equipment in the makerspace & workshops.
The successful applicant will coordinate with managers of other departments and their equivalent role on our second campus to best meet the demands of the school/curriculums.

The school’s Technology faculty is currently undergoing a shift in curriculum direction, and as such, an exciting new Makerspace has been created alongside the traditional workshops to better fit STEM & “Maker” focussed education. The Makerspace and workshops include 3D printers, Laser cutters, CNC, Robotics/Mechatronics, Traditional workshop machines and tooling (Woodworking/Metalworking), and a set of self built Plastic recycling machines as part of the department’s vision for a Circular Design/Zero waste based curriculum. An area that we would also like to explore is VR and AR Technologies.


• Preference for 3 years working at the level of graduate engineer or similar in a relevant technical field

• Good general ICT skills and computer literacy
• Good spoken and written English
• Knowledge and direct experience of manufacturing technologies (hardware and software) in the area of CAD/CAM e.g. preparation of G-code, use of 3D printing software such as Cura or similar, an understanding of 3D CAD software such as Autodesk, safe use and understanding of CNC machines.
• Knowledge and direct experience of other general workshop equipment, machinery and hand tools and their use.
• Understanding of the creative culture of the Maker movement.
• Willingness to work collaboratively and serve as a resource for faculty.
• Commitment to student learning, personal growth, and professional development
• Genuine excitement for and ability to work with students, faculty, staff, and parents
• Certificate of Safety Training from DATA (Design and Technology Association) Or equivalent.

• Cantonese speaking
• An understanding of applied programming, control technologies and robotics

Training in skill areas such as general machine shop practice, fabrication skills, welding, turning etc. can be provided if needed.

Applicants must be a permanent Hong Kong resident or possess a valid visa to work in Hong Kong.

Closing Date: May 19 2019