17 May 2019

Limitless 2019

In Queensland, Australia, this week, a team of Island School students have been developing their outdoors skills and preparing for their first short expedition. The team have joined Limitless a six week immersion programme open to Year 9 students across all ESF schools.  They are part of a thirty six strong ESF student team now at the Kenilworth Homestead in Queensland, Australia.

The Limitless programme is an outdoor education programme which aims to build teamwork, community living, self-reliance and self-confidence.

As the team end the first full week the students have been very busy cementing their team work, building outdoor skills and preparing for the first short expedition.  The highlight of the venture will be the 10-day expedition into the Queensland National Park.

More details are available on the ESF Limitless website and blog. https://limitless.esf.edu.hk/blog/