4 Sep 2015

Learning Support Classes – of very high standard and provide outstanding experience, states latest review

In a review conducted by ESF’s Learning Support advisory team, in June, the Island Schools’ Learning Support Classes were praised for; “Providing a very high standard of support”
“many of the practices should be used as an example of good practice to other ESF secondary schools.”

The review looked at;

  • The learning culture within LSC provision in schools.
  • Effective educational practice.
  • LSC school development planning.

Each of these board topics are broken down into 61 different assessment criteria. Island School’s LSC team received 48 commendations across all areas, including; “The LSC manager has an in-depth knowledge of the students’ learning needs and abilities which impact on their progress with bespoke programmes of study.”

“There is a great sense of positivity about the LSC, its staff and students, from all stakeholders consulted across the school, and from the parents. It is clear that, even after only two years, the LSC is well embedded in school life, and is considered as an asset to the school.”

Maria Woods Teacher in Charge of Learning Support Centre said; “We are really pleased with the outcome of the review. All the staff and students feel very proud of what we have achieved in two years.”